Study With US

Teach you the real-world knowledge through qualified instructors

That means we have a programme that will equip you with practical knowledge designed to be put into action. It’s not just about the final results though. Our team will be here throughout your studies, ready to offer all the support you need to help make the most of your academic journey.

IBE engages a blended learning model that is both online and classroom-based learning. IBE combines innovative learning technology, quality curriculum, and UK qualified instructors to provide an outstanding learning experience to our students.

1. Distance Learning - Self-Paced with Webinar Support

Key Facts

  • Study to suit the way you live.
  • Self-paced online learning offers you the freedom to study when you like, where you like.
  • Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, in the office or on the move, independent study lets you shape the programme to suit an unpredictable lifestyle.
  • You can start your studies when you like and finish when you like; you can even take a break and resume when you’re ready.
  • We offer online Postgraduate,  undergraduate, executive training and short courses that can be studied from anywhere in the world. That means you can study on your own, at your own pace.
  • There is no mandatory written examination, all courses are assessed by assignments and marked by our UK education partners.
  • This is a unique level of flexibility for recognised UK qualifications; an approach that has enabled a number of students to qualify entirely through independent study.
  • All our programmes are modular base without any prerequisite requirements and can be studied module by module whenever you are ready for them.

2. Study with Collaborative Learning Partners

Our network of Collaborative Learning Partners offers a blend of classroom-based study and structure to your independent learning. We offer the opportunity to study a complete programme, or a range of courses, with one of our many international Learning Partners in your local town, city or country.

These partners in our network may be public-sector institutions, private colleges and universities, vocational training institutions or executive training centres catering for business professionals. When you study with one of our Collaborative Learning Partners you benefit from specialist support, delivered at a local level. Partners offer a diverse range of services, from full-time taught courses to simply revision sessions when needed, and some are  providing necessary arrangements for participating in our online webinars sessions from the UK.

All provide valuable advice and tutoring support and many will contextualise the learning process with local case studies and examples.  They will ensure you have access to the complete range of study materials, enrolment with our UK partners along with access to the learning management system and registration with the awarding organisation.

We work closely with our Partners in the management and delivery of tuition to support the London School of Business & Entrepreneurship programmes locally. Our Learning Partners offer value added tuition, helping students to successfully complete their programme of study.

3. Virtual Instructor-Led Classes

We have replicated the classroom environment in our virtual instructor-led learning classes.

We provide engaging and interactive content facilitated by our expert teachers. Our LMS can be accessed from anywhere across a number of devices. The facility can bring together a wider student community to collaborate talent with knowledge and skills. This learning style works perfectly as part of a blended solution for engaging fully flexible live delivery of teaching sessions with facility to record lessons.