WordPress For Business

WordPress is recognised worldwide as one of the most popular online blogging tools used by millions every day. WordPress has evolved a great deal and is now widely used as a full content management system where you can design, build, and create a professional website.

Our online WordPress for the Business training course is specifically designed for those of you wishing to learn how to create a business-focused website. Throughout the course, you’ll learn more about WordPress and why it’s a great tool to help you create a business website. You’ll learn about designing a site and how to physically create a website. You’ll gain an understanding of best practice when creating the website content, and once you’ve got your site ready to go live you’ll then cover how to enhance your WordPress website using SEO, how to monitor and track the success of the site using Google Analytics and how to report on its progress and success.

Throughout the course, you’ll undertake various exercises to consolidate what you’ve learned at each step. You’ll also have two months of access to a domain on which you can practice your skills meaning you get hands-on, practical experience.


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