Programming Fundamentals

Do you want to unravel the mystery of computer programming?

If you have an analytical mind, problem solving skills and a passion for all things digital, this might be a rewarding career choice.

Smartphones, laptops, PCs, websites, video games all run digitally scripted programs and, as the digital revolution continues, the reach of computer programming has been so significant we now see it playing a part in in other frequently used items such as cars, household appliances and watches.

With such a widespread growth in the demand for such programs there is a demand for knowledgeable, qualified programmers who can not only write programs but test, develop and maintain these software programs.

If you’re new to computer programming the prospect of learning how to write a digital script from scratch could be a daunting prospect. This Diploma is designed for those completely new to this profession. There are six core courses that you will study that will introduce you to programming concepts and then guide you through the different languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript. You will then select one additional elective course to compliment the core training and that suits your personal aspirations and requirements.

It’s a really flexible Diploma to study and you can access the training online, at a time and place that suits you. You could study at home, work or any of our local training centres. Our teams will be on hand throughout your programme to provide assistance as and when required.


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