Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Code



12 months

Tuition Fee


Learning Method

In-Person & Live Virtual

Logistics plays a critical role in supply chain management. It performs planning, implementation, controlling product flow and storage, and customer services. The course will provide theoretical knowledge to understand the logistics. The practical applications, internships, and company visits enhance the practical knowledge of supply chain management. The learners can apply for a job in various fields such as retail, airlines, automobile, ports, and many more. All these fields or other similar fields which include processes of purchasing, storing, transportation, and negotiation are suitable for their future.

The course will improve analytical thinking which helps learners to make wise business decisions that are a must in business. It also improves the interpersonal communication skills of the learners. Organisations across various industries are looking for skilled logistics and supply chain professionals. They are recruiting directly after the interview process. Learners can earn a good score and enter the international business.

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  • Business Research Methods
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Sustainable Logistics Management
  • International Logistics and Transport
  • Operations Design and Management
  • Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
  • Supply Chain Planning and Management
  • Principles of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MBA Top-up Degree Awarding Universities

  • Northampton university
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • University of West Scotland

Duration: 12-24 Months
Tuition fees: £3800 – £5500
Study Options: (Online | Live Webinars | Blended Learning)

For entry onto the Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management qualification, learners must possess

  • An honours degree in related subject or UK level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification
  • Mature learners (over 21) with management experience (learners must check with the delivery centre regarding this experience prior
    to registering for the programme)
  • Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course
  • English requirements: If a learner is not from a majority English-speaking country must provide evidence of English language