Project Management Skills

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2 days

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Learning Method

In-Person & Live Virtual

Many managers and supervisors have to take on responsibility for non-routine tasks or developments. These ‘special projects’ often require different skills from those in day-to-day management.
Those who find themselves having to do more ‘project management will find that this two-day course provides tools and techniques for managing a project successfully whilst also exploring ways to manage the ‘human elements’ too. These include influencing skills, managing both a project team and stakeholders in general, and understanding the impact of change in the workplace.

  • What is a project?
  •  Why do projects?
  •  Key skills needed as a project manager
  •  Roles & responsibilities
  •  Project planning and project management tools
  •  Scope and objectives
  •  Communication strategies
  •  The impact of change
  •  Cost benefit analysis
  •  Post Implementation reviews
  •  Managing the project team
Managers and supervisors who want to become even more effective as leaders and motivators. It is particularly for those who have recently acquired a new team and/or who need to encourage their existing teams to perform and ‘pull together’ in the same direction.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Select and adopt appropriate style to suit different situations and people
  • Establish approaches for motivating individuals
  • Understand the difference between a group and a team
  • Understand the effects of different leadership styles
  • Recognise the different roles within teams and what makes teams effective.