Making them Effective

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1 days

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In-Person & Live Virtual

Frequently people complain about meetings, they are either too long, no actions agreed and often no follow up. This course will focus attention on what is needed to make a meeting effective and productive. It really can help save time, money and help stress levels if people feel their time at a meeting was well spent, that things will change / happen as a result of that meeting.
We cannot survive without meetings so let’s ensure they are productive, motivating and make a difference in a positive way. This course can make best use of management time and let people thrive on what happens at a meeting not just survive it!
  • What is the purpose of a meeting?
  • Structure, planning, agenda, timekeeping, venue and note taking
  • Personal skills needed to chair an effective meeting
  • Leading the meeting, co-ordinating, controlling, involving
  • Handling difficult people or problems
  • Active listening, quality questions and summarising skills
  • Actions, commitment and follow up
  • Practical Exercises
In particular, anyone who leads or chairs either formal or informal meetings. It can also be useful for people who want to understand how an effective meeting should work and how to be a proactive participant.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Encourage a structured approach to enable real results to be achieved every meeting
  • Keep to the agenda and to time
  • Understand the techniques for managing dominant and reluctant attendees
  • Prepare and present information appropriately
  • Appreciate the importance of effectively planning questions and responses
  • Ensure that the meeting feels productive and positive to all attendees