Discipline, Dismissal and Grievance

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Half days

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In-Person & Live Virtual

In addition to clarifying the complex mandatory rules that were introduced by the Employment Law Act, this course will provide employers with practical assistance in the administration of a disciplinary sanction, including dismissal, or the handling of a grievance. Getting it right has never been so important. More notably since recent legislation changes, failure to deal with matters properly can result in a punitive uplift in compensation by up to 50%.

Future Development:

  • Management Development Programme
  •  Communicating Effectively
  •  Coaching Skills for Improved Performance
  • Individual current practice
  •  Mandatory rules
  •  Penalties for non-compliance
  •  Suspension and investigation
  •  The disciplinary meeting
  •  The notion of ‘Reasonable Belief’
  •  The Appeal
  •  Handling grievances
  •  Overlap between Disciplinary & Grievances
  •  Open forum – Q & A
The course is tailored for HR practitioners, managersand supervisors who have responsibility for dealing with disciplinary or grievances, whether directly or indirectly.

Every employer needs to ensure that they are adequately protected against the risks of litigation. Although managers will rarely relish handling disciplinary and grievance matters, the course will provide them with the knowledge necessary to expedite matters effectively and safely.