Appraisal Skills

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1 days

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Learning Method

In-Person & Live Virtual

A well-delivered appraisal can make all the difference to an individual. Employees benefit from a formal opportunity to discuss their job, performance, training needs and any barriers to achievement. The Appraiser needs to be able to give elicit honest feedback and this takes time, thought and planning. This course helps the Appraiser develop the necessary skills and to prepare for what to say and how to say it.

Benefits of attending this course will enable participants to:

  • Gain confidence when interviewing staff
  • Understand the importance of thorough preparation
  • Be able to prepare and ask quality questions
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Know how to set and agree plans for the future
  • Ensure that the appraisal is a worthwhile experience for both people involved

Who the course is for
Managers, supervisors and team leaders who are responsible for appraising and reviewing the performance of their people. Personnel and HR practitioners who have responsibility for introducing and managing appraisal schemes will also find the course beneficial.

  • Preparing and gathering the facts
  •  What to include in the interview
  •  Inviting to interview
  •  Getting the environment right and opening the interview
  •  Honest communications: giving and receiving feedback
  •  Agreeing SMART objectives
  •  Discussing personal training and development needs
  •  Summarising and closing the interview