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₨ 2,000

Microsoft Powerpoint

There are two advantages to our Microsoft PowerPoint training. One is that it’s broken down into thirteen easily handled lessons – the other is that it puts the powerful IBE name on your CV – and that’s something other Microsoft PowerPoint courses just can’t compete with. This is a flexible…
₨ 2,000

Microsoft Word

Being confident in Microsoft Word is essential for anyone who either works or aspires to work in an office environment, it’s therefore very important to choose your training programme carefully. Depending upon the version of Word you need, we have the perfect course for you; including the most up to…
₨ 2,000

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a highly worthwhile skill to have at your command as this very popular database application is widely used across many employment sectors. Offering training in either 2010 or 2013, in this detailed and varied training programme you’ll be guided through many aspects of Access including; database terminology;…
₨ 2,000

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet program; learning how to use the software with IBE shows that you’ve taken one of the best Excel courses available. Our Microsoft Excel course is very flexible – you will have the freedom to take the Excel lessons at your own pace,…
₨ 2,000

Programming Fundamentals

Do you want to unravel the mystery of computer programming? If you have an analytical mind, problem solving skills and a passion for all things digital, this might be a rewarding career choice. Smartphones, laptops, PCs, websites, video games all run digitally scripted programs and, as the digital revolution continues,…
₨ 2,000

HTML5 Application Development

This is an entry level course for anyone who is looking to start their career in technology and programming; designing and creating apps or websites. Throughout this course will with be guided through HTML5 which is three different types of code; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By learning this world renowned…
₨ 2,000

Javascript Essentials

JavaScript is a computer programming language that enables web pages to be interactive. Having a good knowledge and understanding of the JavaScript language is essential for anyone aspiring to work in web design. This is an online course which aims to give you an overview of this universal programming language.…
₨ 2,000

Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator is a common programme used by Graphic Designers and artists to create vector images. Our Illustrator CC training course will help you learn the features and functions of this latest Creative Cloud, CC, version of the software. This Illustrator CC course is online, so you can fit your…
₨ 2,000


Adobe InDesign is an industry standard software program that can help you create professional content such as brochures or print media. This InDesign course teaches you the features and processes utilised in the latest version of the software, Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). Over three sessions you’ll look at document layers,…
₨ 2,000

Advanced Security Practitioner

This ASP training focuses on providing you with an advanced understanding of security topics as well as theoretical instruction/demonstrations in designing and engineering security solutions. This course is available online, meaning you can study at times that suit you best. There are seven sessions within the course and alongside these…
₨ 2,000


Security+ is an online IT training course designed to help you learn about systems security, network security, access control and managing risk. Each online training session will guide you through step-by-step and help you learn everything you need to know to go on and gain your CompTIA certification SY0-01*. If…
₨ 2,000

Database Administrator Fundamentals

If you’re looking for a career as a network or systems administrator, the  Server Administration Fundamentals from IBE is the ideal choice. You’ll learn how to build and manage Microsoft Windows Servers, Windows based network operating systems, Active Directory domains, users, groups and computers, together with how to perform regular…
₨ 2,000

Introduction To HTML

This is exactly the course you need if you want to learn HTML code to allow you to create your own websites, either for yourself or for work. Unlike other HTML courses, this one is based on a flexible self-study system, so you can take your HTML lessons at your…
₨ 2,000

CompTIA Cloud+

The Cloud+ online training course is for anyone already working in IT with practical work experience of IT networking or storage. In the course you’ll work through seven self-paced modules, there are visual demonstrations, quizzes and exam simulators available within the training course to ensure you get the maximum opportunity…
₨ 2,000

Network +

The IBE Network+ course is designed to give you all the knowledge and skills you need to get a job as a Network or System Administrator. But more importantly, it will give you the necessary skills and knowledge you need to gain a Network+ certification which is ranked as one…
₨ 2,000

Networking Fundamentals

The IBE Networking Fundamentals course is designed to give those embarking on a career in the IT industry a basic understanding of the concept of networking. The training you’ll undertake as part of this course will prepare you for the Microsoft exam 98-366* – an entry-level credential from Microsoft. With…
₨ 2,000

Security Fundamentals

This highly informative course has been designed by Microsoft to give those entering the IT industry for the first time a full understanding of all of the fundamental security concepts. You’ll gain the necessary knowledge needed to build secure Microsoft Windows Servers and Windows-based network operating systems. On top of…
₨ 2,000

A+ Series 2016

This A+ course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in PC support. So, if you’re looking for a career in IT, this course is a great starting point. The course is broken down into 2 parts and you’ll learn the skills you need to install, repair, upgrade,…
₨ 2,000

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Business

SEO for Business is a short online course that starts to take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you can understand how you can use it to your advantage. This course has been created for people in business who often get marketing responsibilities added to their role,…
₨ 2,000

WordPress For Business

WordPress is recognised worldwide as one of the most popular online blogging tools used by millions every day. WordPress has evolved a great deal and is now widely used as a full content management system where you can design, build and create a professional website. Our online WordPress for Business…
₨ 2,000

Facebook For Business

Facebook for Business is a whistlestop tour of using Facebook to promote your company. Looking at how individuals use it and how businesses can capitalise on this, this short online course covers all bases. From setting up your timeline, to attracting fans to your page, to sponsoring stories, to measuring…
₨ 2,000

Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is a social media programme where personal users can share interests, hobbies and lifestyle through images ‘pinned’ to different boards. Businesses are quickly working out that this platform can offer a unique way to share their company ethos and product offering to its audience. This course will start right…
₨ 2,000

LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn for Business is a short online course to bring you up to speed with using LinkedIn in a business environment, whether as an individual, or as a company. It takes you through setting up your LinkedIn profile and then guides you through how to get the most out of…
₨ 2,000

Blogging For Business

Blogging has become an essential part of the social interaction with others online, to help a business engage with its online customers or audience from a personal, opinion and review. This Blogging for Business short online course focuses on those who want to learn more about how to create and…
₨ 2,000

Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business is a short online course that takes you through the basics of how to get started on the online micro-blogging platform. It starts at the very beginning showing you how to set up your profile and takes you through posting your first tweet. You’ll then move on…